Technology: Ultrasound cavitation 1mhz + 635 nm PDT

This function has:

    •10 Mode of operation: 9 pulsed and 1 continue
    •5 Intensities of energy from 5-50 W
    •Photon activation and deactivation.

Areas of Applications: It is used in patients whose folds of adipose tissue is less of 3 cm. Treatment of area of localized adipocytes, as upper arm, waist, hip, inner thighs, upper leg.

Applying CAVITATION is recommended in all areas where there is excess fat, excluding the face, neck and female breasts.

    •Knee (medial region)
    •Lumbosacral region

In general, on average according to the subject treated, after the initial cavitation session around 1.5 - 2 cm of circumference is eliminated from the trochanteric, peritrochanteric regions, abdomen, thigh and inner thigh areas and 0.3 – 1 cm around the inner knee, ankle and arm.


    •Treatment of Cellulite
    •Localized adiposity, or rather, the presence of a tissue that is particularly rich in adipose cells compared to other body zones.
    •Post-liposuction imperfections with remodeling after surgical liposuction.
    •Pre-liposuction treatment (assisted liposuction).
    •Body remodeling.
    •Re-absorption of the lipomas; treatment preceding surgical extirpation for the purpose of reducing the size of the lipoma, encouraging less obvious scar       formation.
    •Emulsify fat through continuous emission of acoustic waves.
    •Permeate the skin for penetration of active ingredients
    The function of photon has a monochromatic red light that increases the activity of keratinocytes, thus stimulating the skin cell cycle. Among the benefits       of the  red
    •LED light on the skin:
    •Stimulates and enhances cellular activity.
    •Accelerates the penetration of the active ingredients in the dermal- epidermal layer.
    •Increased production of collagen and elastin.
    •Improves circulation.
    •Recovers skin elasticity.
    •Skin rejuvenation.
    •Oxygenation of the stratum corneum.


    •Our CAVIDERMIS SYSTEM combine the most advance technologies for body contouring
    •The results can be seen after the first treatment.
    •A stable vibration of 40 kHz, allows you to make an effective and safe treatment.
    •It eliminates the adipose cells permanently in a painless, non-invasive manner.
    •Depending on the area to be treated, the reduction can be 1 to 5 centimeters in diameter.
    •A minimum loss of 2 centimeters is guaranteed.
    •In certain cases of patients responding extremely well to treatment, reductions of up to 7 centimeters have been recorded in a single session.

"Because of its elegant design, multiple applications, and technology, the Cavidermis System cannot be missing in your medical or cosmetic practice."