Body Application:

•Body contouring.
•Localized fat.
•Flaccidity caused by aging.
•Edematous Cellulite .
•Weight Loss (after).
•Post liposculpture .
•Relaxation of scars.
•To improve the lymphatic drainage.


•Non ablative or aggressive .
•Immediate incorporation to daily activities.
•Noninvasive without anesthesia .
•Low consumables - no requires disposable heads.
•Duration of results up to 2 year.


Technology: Multipolar Radio Frequency of 5 MHZ (8 poles) with vacuum of up to 100KPa.

The function "8-RF Vacuum" of Cavidermis offers:
    •The possibility to select from ten levels of intensity of Radio Frequency.
 •10 intensity levels of suction between 10-100Kpa

•Vacuum has:

           •10 intensity levels of suction between 10-100Kpa

        •6 modes or programs suction time.

         •Possibility of gradual or suction time and rest.

        •Selection of working time 1-120 min.

• The head design with 8-pin contact bipolar Radiofrequency allows to cover large area and boost energy.

Using the multipolar radiofrequency head "8-RF Vacuum" in conjuction with the vacuum, not only will we get the proper effects of radiofrencuencia but we will also promote lymphatic drainage and remodeling the silhouette.

This function is an essential part after cavitation treatment to mobilize and drain the fat. Also it stimulate collagen and elastin remodeling.

"Because of its elegant design, multiple applications, and technology, the Cavidermis System cannot be missing in your medical or cosmetic practice."