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​Multifunctional Body & Facial Equipment​

​​​Cavidermis offers you multiples technologies  to help improve body and facial appearance. Multiples functions in just one equipment.

Cavidermis is a Cavitation and RF Machine,  designed to offer multiples treatments. (*)

​Cavidermis has:

  • Touch screen with interactive software.
  • Very easy to operate.
  • Multiples functions.
  • Different modes, continue and pulsed energy.
  • Facial and body application.

Body Application:

• Could help to improve body shape and contour (*)

• Depended of you client, assist in reduction of localized fat (*)

• In some cases, help to reduce cellulite appearance

• Could aid on measurement reduction 

• Could help to reaffirm and lifts tissues 

Facial Application:

​​• Sometimes help to reduce wrinkle and improve facial appearance for a younger looking. (*)

(*) Disclaimer: Practitioners are responsible for checking local, state, federal and country regulations for use of this device. 

This website is informational only. It does not pretend to give any medical advise.  Training is required to use this device.

Results can varies between person, due to multiple factors. Contact your provider.


You will receive a manual and videos with complete treatment protocols. We also offer on-site training and video conference training of how to use our equipments.


Bipolar Radio Frequency

Multipolar Radio frecuency

RF - Vacuum

Ultrasound with infrared

5 in 1

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