Body Application: 

  • Could help to Improve flaccidity caused by Aging
  • In some clients Improve the Appearance of Cellulite.​ 


  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable parameters.
  • Color Touch Screen 
  • Easy for transportation.
  • Low consumables -  no requires disposable heads 

​​​​​​​3-RF BODY TIGTHENING (Tripolar Radio Frequency - Body)

Technology:  Tripolar Radio Frequency  5MHZ 

The function "3-Body RF Tightening" of Cavidermis offers: 

• The possibility to select from 10 levels of intensity. 
• Selection of working time 1-120 min 
• The three-pole design made the energy more powerful, for a better treatment effect. 
• Can be combined with the "Cavi-slimming" or "8-RF Vacuum" 

​Areas of Applications: 

Upper arm, abdomen, waist, hip, inner thighs, upper legs and, gluteus,  depending of your clients 

​​"Because of its elegant design, multiple applications, and technology, the Cavidermis System cannot be missing in your medical or cosmetic practice."

Disclaimer: Practitioners are responsible for checking local, state, federal and country regulations for use of this device. 
This website is informational only. It does not pretend to give any medical advise.  Training is required to use this device.
Results can varies between person, due to multiple factors. Contact your provider.